after the drop comes the breath

A thousand beatdowns on a thousand rivers never prepared me for this,what they did do is teach me to let go to , not try and control to not hold on because grasping at and trying to control ony exhausts you and leaves you way more vulnerable than you already are,and i learned that the the first breath after being pummeled is the most joyfull ever and that, that is what this feels like

I feel like ive been holding my breath for a long fucking time and sometime yesterday,i exhaled massivley and joyously the kind of breath that sends tears down your face uncontrallably,it is somewhat fitting the way it all played out meant no time to take anything in just make the decision and commit so i did and now im free,im aware that like all respite it will only be temporary but the world just got a whole lot bigger again and im free and holy fucking dog ive missed that,so yeah ride hard trust the world and love life


~ by xpolx on December 9, 2016.

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