Yeah your right it is about me its entirely about me not you you dont come into it, when I ask you not to call me mate dude or man I know its just a turn of phrase but its its about so much more than that its about your unthinking engagement with the people around you, when I ask you not to call me those things you’re not entitled to an explanation its not an opportunity to get into a debate about your credentials about how right on you are I don’t need to hear about how you have this friend or you new to this or whatever the fuck listen to me actually hear me, you’re not entitled to put me in a position where I have to cry something really personal at you to make my point so you can then say oh id never have guessed and find yet another way to make me invisible so you can carry on reading about girls like me then take it and make it all about you when the reality of who I am crashes head first into your carefully constructed picture, yeah you’re right its all about me deal with it.


~ by xpolx on November 24, 2016.

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