war prayer

My femme is born of wildness my femme is fierce my femme is not sparkles and danglies and oh hun you look so….i am born of the old places stretched across the anvil of the gods and beaten into birth through being unafraid to hurt and love life,my femme is twenty miles an hour on one gear in the rush hour traffic,my femme is downhill barely in control tucked low hand dragging on the tarmac while you wish to be the wispy princess I am the crone dark old and comfortably sitting in the eye of the storm you close yourself of from I am of the outside but slap in the middle of everything feeling laughing .my femme was burnt at the stake for knowing that which cant be explained I create my own place it is fought for and has edges that can slice your precious discourse from underneath you I am not asking you for a place in your world or for your validation I am telling you I am here and that I walk my path because its the only path i have and it is rightfully mine and the world holds me my femme is me and doesn’t need your recognition


~ by xpolx on October 6, 2016.

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