Motion moving velocity call it what the fuck you want but its the only time the noise stops the only time shes there completely in herself, that feeling of just about hanging on knowing that if she tries to hold on its all gonna go down in flames,its never really mattered how she found it but its always just come back to movement,making sense of the world came from exploring how she coulld move through it board bike boat foot like I said whatever its all just movement,they say actions speak louder than words ,so why is it no one actually sees the truth in what shes doing and woulld rather reduce it down so it can make sense to them in their fear ridden symantics,long ago shed given up on being heard and tried to move as soundlessly as she can,being touchd by the people that take the time to actually see her rather than whatever it is they want to paint onto her.

So o ften the cacophany around her felt like it was going to take her down and finally burn her but somehow always just always ,how do you tell a story that has no words how do have worth when everything says that your worthless,you dont you just write and revel in it move.


~ by xpolx on July 24, 2016.

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